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The ACS Division of Chemical Health & Safety’s sub-division, “CANN,” will be awarding a scholarship in Cannabis Chemistry later this month.


The Division of Chemical Health & Safety  has about 1700 members and exists as a sub-group of the American Chemical Society (“ACS”). The division lists its vision as “[i]mproving people’s lives through the power of best chemical health and safety practices.”  Apparently, the division believes that Cannabis too is all a part of improving lives through chemistry.  In particular, the division serves as the parent division for the ACS Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision (which goes by the ‘sort of’ acronym “CANN”).

According to CANN’s webpage, it envisions serving as the ‘leading chemistry authority on the safe and beneficial processing, extraction and purity analysis of cannabis products.” You can watch a nifty video about CANN, here.

Recently, CANN announced that it has established a bi-annual “Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision Scholarship for Excellence” to recognize contributions in the field of cannabis chemistry.  Heidolph North America sponsors the scholarship, which is open to students, faculty, researchers and industry professionals.

Better hurry if you have any nominees in mind, however. The deadline to file for the scholarship is March 30, 2017. To apply, candidates should submit a resumé or CV, along with an abstract of work that the prospective winner plans to present at the fall ACS national meeting in Washington D.C.  Application materials should be sent to CANN’s chair at ezra.pryor@gmail.com.