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Art Neill and Teri Karobonik’s new book will help calm your nerves when dealing with thorny legal issues. Photo courtesy of Alexey Lukanenkov and freeimages.com


Our beloved TechDirt often supplies us with very useful info.  A couple of weeks ago, TechDirt’s Michael Masnick wrote about Art Neill and Teri Karobonik’s new book, Don’t Panic: A Legal Guide (in plain english) for Small Busineses & Creative Professionals.   Importantly, the authors emphasize that the book is written in “plain English.”

Don’t Panic includes chapters addressing important issues such as open licensing, forming your business and different business entities, fair use, endorsements and privacy. There is even a chapter entitled “How to Handle Disputes Effectively Without Being a Troll.”  You can try out a sample of the book at this link.

The authors, Art Neill and Teri Karobonik head New Media Rights a non-profit program affiliated with the California Western School of Law. New Media Rights provides information, video guides and legal services and even offers a “Fair Use App” that you can access here.

Have you read Don’t Panic or used any of New Media Rights’ services? We’d love to hear how the book helped you or how your experience went with the New Media Rights organization.

And remember, as with this post, blog and the book, as the authors state, “The only thing that you should not do with [the] book [or any blog or post] is to rely on it for legal advice. At the core of all good legal advice is a good lawyer who knows your specific situation.”