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     The Fuel Choices Initiative is offering a million dollar prize to one worthy alternative fuels scientist.  According to its website, The Fuel Choices Initiative aims to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels, while encouraging global innovation and scientific and technical breakthroughs. The program is administered by Israel’s Ministry of Science, Technology and  Space.

     Researchers who are actively engaged in innovative research or technological development can qualify for the award (officially named “The 2016 Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister’s Prize”) via nomination.  Nominations are open to citizens of any country, but the May 15, 2016 deadline is drawing near.

    If you know of a worthy researcher, you can find the nomination form on the Fuel Choices Initiative website, here (the link to the nomination form currently appears to down, but hopefully will be up in the near future).

    The 2015 winner was Dr. Jay Keasling, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering at University of California, Berkeley. You can view a video of  Dr. Keasling’s talk, “Engineering Microbes to Solve Global Challenges” on the  iBiology  website, here. There is also a short video about the Fuel Choices Initiative/ Samson Prize, on the Fuel Choices website that you can view here.