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The U.K.’s “Copyright Hub” seeks to make Copyright licensing significantly less confusing than a L.A. parking sign. (photo: 7920 Sunset Blvd., location of the Directors’ Guild of America) (S. Brown Copyr. 2015. All Rights Reserved)

     The United Kingdom has been developing and tweaking a new Internet copyright licensing portal dubbed the “Copyright Hub.”  The project seems to be expanding its potential objectives, but the main two seem to be: 1) providing a easy means to license Internet content and 2) educating the public about the copyright rights of others.

The “Copyright Done Right” website (an explanatory/promotional site for the “Copyright Hub” project) explains that”

The idea is simple. Using Copyright Hub technology, any piece of digital content – an image, a film clip, a piece of music, a text article, anything – can have a unique identifier that links it with the server of the owner or manager of the rights to that digital content.

So you can connect to it just as easily as you can connect to a web page, and a machine-to-machine conversation can take place, similar to the one which happens between your computer and a web server whenever you view a webpage.

For an overview of what the Copyright Hub hopes to do for you, you can view the first of 3 informational videos on the website, here.

According to Andrew Orlowski at The Register (U.K.), “[a]ttaching property rights to digital stuff isn’t a new idea. The Linked Content Coalition has been beavering away at standards for years and the Hub builds on their work, as well as industry identifiers, where possible.”

The Copyright Hub also lists licensing organizations that writers, musicians, photographers and other artists can use to help them license their work. The listed organizations primarily pertain to musicians, artists and writers in the United Kingdom. The Copyright Clearance Center, also listed, is a U.S. company. Its “Rights Central” interface assists writers, artists, photographers and content providers in connecting with potential licensees and managing accounting on royalties. The Copyright Clearance Center also has fantastic free educational videos on copyright basics on its “Learn” tab.