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Image     Foss Patents’ Florian Mueller posted a great update today on the second  of the Apple/Samsung litigations pending in California (see Florian Mueller’s article here).  As many are aware, Apple wanted to add Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to its list of accused products; claiming that anything less would force it to play “wack-a-mole” litigation with Samsung.  The Court wasn’t buying it, however. Judge Grewal (Judge Grewal is a Magistrate Judge (N. Dist. Cal.); see his webpage here) reasoned that Apple, in adding the Galaxy S4, was seeking to add remedies, damages and an injunction. This, according to Judge Grewal, would prejudice Samsung in that it would require extensive discovery, unduly burdening Samsung in preparing its case. Judge Grewal’s decision seemed to acknowledge that, unless the parties settle, further California lawsuits between the parties is a certainty, leaving Apple the opportunity to add the S4 when that (or those) suit(s) are filed.

Considering the pending California suits and the other Apple/Samsung suits  (see e.g. CNet’s terrific scorekeeping here), the parties’ respective attorneys are likely to have much work for the near future.