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The American Chemical Society reported recently on Applied DNA Sciences (“ADS”), a company that provides products to protect brand owners against counterfeits of their products (Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 90, No. 34, August 20, 2012). According to ADS’ website, its products include counterfeit protection and brand authentication products that use “the proven forensic power of DNA.”  As ADS’ website notes, “counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing financial crimes, threatening jobs and endangering public health and safety.” Its products include fantastically cool DNA markers added to clothing fabrics, threads and finished goods to protect brand owners, as well as DNA taggants for use on and in packaging and other products.

The piece in Chemical & Engineering News features guitar-maker C.F. Martin & Co.’s use of ADS’ products to protect against counterfeiting of its guitar strings. According to the article, C.F. Martin has used ADS’ marking technology since last year.  See ADS’ press release on C.F. Martin & Co. here. Apparently, ADS is doing pretty well in that it expanded its production and office space last year in Stony Brook, NY (way to go Long Island!).  Some final food for thought, according to a June 2012 article by Lauren Milligan in British Vogue, Hermes’ Chief Executive Officer says that 80% of the objects sold on the Internet under the Hermes name are fakes. See the article here.