One of IPforthelittleguy’s important goals is to provide useful information to  solo inventors and to small businesses.  But, we also hope that we’ll convince you that the world of intellectual property is not without its humor (nor without its own juicy scandals, but that’s another story). So, today, we’re giving a shoutout to Erik Pelton & Associates PLLC’s Smar(tm)ark Newsletter article on manure company trademarks (Did You Know? August 2012).  As the article notes, branding is crucial, no matter what industry you’re in- even the manure industry. See Erik’s article for the full list of “pooh marks”, but here’s some of my own personal favorites:

COW-A-DUNGA” (for composted  manure);

DUNG BUNNIES” (for animal sculptures made of cow manure)(what exactly do you do with these? Give them as gifts??);

CODE BROWN” (for manure, tee shirts and other clothing)(an interesting mix of products- would you really want to buy clothing from a company that specializes in manure??);

PACAPOO” (for composted alpaca manure for gardening);

“POOPETS” (for goods including figurines made out of manure)(guess I’m not up to date with the apparent demand for pooh sculpture products).

Speaking of pooh, for a very cute take on the kid’s book “Everybody Poops” see AudioNautix’s YouTube® video with the same name.